About Airsoft:

If you are new to this awesome sport, some of the terminology we find commonplace, is as good as being Greek to you. Airsoft itself is a sport comparable to paintball or laser-tag; players shoot each other to get points or eliminate opponents from the game. The biggest difference between the three is the fact that airsoft uses hard plastic 6mm BBs and realistic-looking weapons to fire them, as opposed to paintball that uses paint filled balls and laser tag - using lasers. Airsoft also focuses heavily on honor, tactics, teamwork (this is where this organization comes in), and lots of cool gear.

Now that you have a better understanding of what airsoft is, it is time to get to know more about this Organization...

About DSAT:

DSAT(pronounced DEE-SAT) is an acronym for Death Strike Airsoft Team. We are one of the longest surviving teams in Southern CAthat has been continually active since the beginning. The team officially formed in November of 2003 with 4 individuals wanting to play airsoft regularly and perform to a higher standard. Soon the team grew large enough to allow for training and growth individually as well as a within the team.

As a team, we stress the importance of respect, professionalism, sportsmanship, teamwork, and of course FUN. We try to bring out the best aspects in our members giving them room to grow into our tightly woven group of members. We offer specialized training such as an airsoft safety course, pistol training, rifle training, sniper training, weapon maintenance, weapon upgrade training and much more!

Although the name "DSAT." not as well known as some of the other teams in Southern CA, do not mistake us as an inactive team. We play very frequently with other local teams and attend other Large-scale Operations when time and funds permit.

Only recently have we begun to move away from the "TEAM" aspect and evolve into an airsoft "ORGANIZATION." We are making this change due to the fact that we are not just a team, we do much more than meet up on the weekends and shoot at each other!

DSAT also has non-airsoft events - bonfires, cookouts, movie nights, etc. Our most popular, TACO NIGHT, is a recurring event that we try to have as frequently as possible. We are more than just an airsoft team, we are an organization of airsofters. We are all good buddies, which is one of the reasons why our team has lasted for so long.

Currently we have events nearly every weekend all over Southern CA. We are always looking for new recruits that mesh well with us. We have one of the highest "added value" ratings of any airsoft team - whether you are new to the sport or an airsoft veteran, the OC Airsoft Organization has something for you!

About Joining the Organization

The organization is comprised of a wide range of individuals that have one common ground - the love of airsoft. Recruits range in age from 16-40 years, but we are always open to widening the upper range if there is a candidate that is older.

The recruitment process is very simple and clearly explained on the Join Page. We have very minimal requirements and most of gear requirements are just to help you get the most out of your airsoft experience while still keeping safety a priority.

Benefits of Joining DSAT

Aside from the benefit of having more people to enjoy the sport with, there are several benefits associated with joining DSAT.

DSAT offers specialized training in the following areas: tactics, movement, arms training, weapon maintenance, etc.

DSAT members receive special deals on equipment & gear. BBs can be purchased at extremely low prices. With our sponsorship from Steel Hawk Airsoft, members purchase gear for low prices. Members also play at "pay-to-play" fields for discounted prices and often for free.

Experienced members are always there to answer questions for the less experienced members. Our forum allows members to communicate and ask questions to a broader group than email, instant messaging, or telephone is capable of.

These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a member of the Death Strike Airsoft Team obtains for you. Many other benefits, just like the insides of a biodegradable BB, reveal themselves over time. Its time for you to get those benefits!

If you have any unanswered questions you can email us at: info@ocairsoft.com